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Monday, July 7, 2008

Costco Inspirations

While Kiki was in town we went to Costco. There was a table set up that was featuring Swarovski Jewelry. I seriously could not believe how much they were selling the jewelry for. Kiki and I saw these cute stretchy cluster rings. Hello the were $50. I had most of the stuff at home to make them. So we went to a local bead store got a few extra things and Wa La.

Kiki's was olive swarovski's and green pearls. She is supposed to be sending me a picture of hers when I get it I will post it.


Cambryn wanted one too. Instead of using daisy spacers all around I just used 3mm round beads. So after she took 20min to decide which colors to use this is what we cam up with.


Mama Cher, Ok, fine, it's Sharon said...

I am so happy that Costco inspired you, seeing as i am addicted to it! Very cute! These would make a perfect gift. I will be ordering some of them for sure!

Speaking of ordering, have you set up an etsy yet? Do I need to do it for you?!

cally said...

Tutorial...please? I love them.

Chira said...

uhhhhhh.....oops! cambryn's is SO cute!!

The Wendler Family said...

those turned out beautifully! you are so talented. I know I say that on every one of your creative posts I comment on, but its soooo ture!

Erika said...

Ok, now I need to know how you made them. So cute!

Petit Elefant said...

so cute, love them!