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Thursday, June 26, 2008

For Julie

First of all Julie's triplets are about the cutest things ever. Two boys and one girl. I was really excited to get her crib sets done and sent to her. I had fallen in love with this fabulous bedding while sewing it.

When I was almost done my sewing machine decided to go on the fritz. I sat in my craft room crying for an hour as I tried to fix "my baby." I was dreading my old sewing machine. It really is a beast when doing heavy duty sewing.

I admitted defeat decided to take my machine to Strawberry Patches to get fixed and pulled out my old machine, which I am glad I still had. Can I tell you how glad I was I still had it to use.

I LOVE STRAWBERRY PATCHES. So I bring my machine in. One of the lady's there sat with me and my machine for a good 1/2 hr to try and figure out what was wrong with it. She decided it wasn't something she could do so I would have to wait 2 weeks before the repair man came back to Bakersfield to fix it. That is right 2 weeks.

Then she said we are going to send home a sewing machine with you so you can get your projects finished. WOW who does that. I seriously almost cried. How nice are they!!!!!!! Not just that, they sent me home with an amazing sewing machine. They are pretty much AMAZING

My pictures really do not do justice for crib sets. So Julie I fully expect pictures when they are all set up in your nursery.

The Boys

And Girl


The Wendler Family said...

You are basically amazing! I'm sorry about the trama of you sewing machine! That's rough, but I'm glad they gave you another one to use to finish your crib sets! They look adorable!

Julie said... they look sooo dang cute in my nursery!! Thanks you so much I am glad that I met you!

Julie said...

ps. I definitely will send pictures!

kate said...

Ok, you are amazing. I want everything on your blog! I love this bedding, it makes me want another baby.

cally said...

I love it. The colors are awesome. What a fun nursery!

kanabanana said...

Wow, those are amazing! I know who I will ask to make my baby bedding, if I ever have another one that is...